The rate at which the eCommerce and online shopping is increasing, it has now become not only essential but necessary to not only have an online store but also which has a payment Gateway Integration. Payment Gateway Integration is the method or service used for processing the debit/credit dealings when accepting online orders from consumers. These are provided by the banks and Payment Processors. The prerequisites for an account differ from service to service and specific needs as per the descriptions on the websites of payment Gateway Integration providers. 

We at ePageStore have a team of experienced professionals in the area of payment Gateway Integration on different eCommerce platforms and shopping cart software. With them we ensure to please a huge amount of clients with our payment Gateway Integration. 

We enable payment Gateway Integration with your shopping cart which makes it easy for you to process debit and credit cards and their payments on your online portal. Once you inform us about the payment gateway you use, we take care of the rest. 

There is a lot of uncertainty concerning receipt of payments on the web. Your eCommerce objectives will help you decide the business dealing method. Various factors make a difference how you integrate payment Gateway with your eCommerce company, what you’re offering, products or services or both. These will answer the questions for determining the complication of your integration with the payment gateway. Depending on your necessities, integration can be very basic or complicated. We at ePageStore have a team of experts who will provide solutions to assist you and they are always ready to work with you in finding the right and best for your business.

At ePageStore, our payment gateway is a vital part of the payment process. A merchant account sanctions you to allow Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Interac Online costs, the payment Gateway is the function that will process all the transaction and deposit the funds into your selected bank account. When you choose our payment Gateway integration, you'll get the benefits of secure transactions and winning over the trust of your customers.

ePageStore provides you a safe payment gateway which integrates with no trouble with most eCommerce shopping carts on the web. Irrespective of yours being new eCommerce website or one which is being upgraded, picking the correct payment gateway can have a foremost consequence on the consumer’s or visitor’s experience at your company’s online store. There are a lot of diverse payment gateways available in the market and depending on where your business stands, you can decide which payment gateway you can or should be able to use. If you’re wondering why it matters which payment gateway you pick and think that all do the same thing, you’re misunderstanding. 

Our Payment gateways will guard the credit cards details by encrypting responsive information, so as to assure that information bypasses securely from the consumer to the merchant.