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Web Devlopment 

 is facilitates your company and services to be accessible on the World Wide Web. It involves the tasks associated with developing the websites which can be hosted via the internet, namely Web Design, Web Content Development, scripting, security configuration among various others. In this technology oriented world, people look for everything on the internet whether it be through their laptops and PCs or nowadays even their cell phones, digital notebooks and whatnot, so if you want to reach out to them, this is probably the easiest and the most in demand route. How to do that? Simple, we can help you. You just have to give us the necessary data and the rest will be taken care of by us. We assure you that your accessibility will reach new levels because of Web Development and internet. 

PHP Development

When we look at a website or a blog we see only pictures, words and everything else in a

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Ruby on Rails Development

Are you a Twitter buff

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Node Js Development

Javascript is what enables webpages and websites to appear as they do to the visitors. However, JavaScript is a

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Angular Js Development

When you visit a webpage have you ever wondered what makes it user friendly and easy for navigation

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What Is Web Development?

How do you get answers to your daily questions like ‘best hotels nearby’ or ‘vacation spots for Diwali’ and many other such things? You Google them of course as do most of us these days.  Now when we search for such things on Google it gives a list of businesses and service providers related to such queries. Where do we land from there on? To specific pages of these service providers! It is these pages that are called websites and webpages. These pages are hosted via the intranet or internet and it is the development of such pages and sites that is called web development. Web development is also known as website development. At ePageStore our services in this area include web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration.  Our Web Development services inlcude PHP Development, Ruby on Rails Development, Node JS Development and AngularJS Development

Web Development

  • Web application development
  • Website Development
  • increased Business Impact
  • Better Functionality and Features
  • Web Application Testing
  • Website Maintenance & Support
  • Custom Website development
  • Flexible and User-Friendly website

Our plan of action

  • Support and Maintenance
  • Flexible Client Engagement Model
  • Flexible and User-Friendly websites
  • Web Application Testing & Implementation
  • Cost-Effective web Application Development