PHP Development

What is PHP Development?

When we look at a website or a blog we see only pictures, words and everything else in a creative and organized manner. But do we know what makes these pages look so? Writing on the internet is not like writing ona piece of paper that everything appears as is; there is a language behind the scenes involved which makes the actual text and page appear in a manner which is comprehensible as well as appealing. That’s exactly what PHP is. It is those roots of a plant which though not visible to the naked eye make the plant stand firm. It is the language used for creation of web pages and web development which can be embedded into HTML.

PHP is different from scripts like JavaScript in the manner that it executes the codes; where in JavaScript the code is executed on the client-side in PHP the code generates HTML sent to the client with a code executed on the server. In layman’s terms this makes the code untraceable for clients and users.  Developing such codes and scripts is what PHP Developmentis all about.

Web Development

  • Web application development
  • Website Development
  • increased Business Impact
  • Better Functionality and Features
  • Web Application Testing
  • Website Maintenance & Support
  • Custom Website development
  • Flexible and User-Friendly website

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Why Choose EPAGESTORE forPHP Development?

EPAGESTORE is one of the best PHP Development company in India. Having served industries of all kinds in developing webpages through PHP EPAGESTORE carries a skillset and understanding of the language like few others. From coding to scripting this best PHP Development company, EPAGESTORE understands the nature of business, the expectations of the clients and the compatibility of the codes in scripting and developing PHP which caters to all needs and satisfies the end user as well. What makes EPAGESTORE a successful PHP development service provider is because of the following reasons

  1. User friendly websites which would be compatible on all devices and browsers
  2. Adherence to international coding guidelines and standards
  3. Smooth and hassle free integration with other codes and APIs
  4. Discussion of goals and requirements with the client before starting the PHP development

Our plan of action

  • Support and Maintenance
  • Flexible Client Engagement Model
  • Flexible and User-Friendly websites
  • Web Application Testing & Implementation
  • Cost-Effective web Application Development